Gustu Brahmanta Trio’s Profile & Album “Putri Cening Ayu”

#GustuBrahmantaTrio’s First Album “Putri Cening Ayu”

Gustu TrioThere are lots of stories and traditions to share with our children. We preserve our family and cultural heritage in many ways. Music is one of interesting and nice ways to introduce our traditions and cultures that we love and pass that along to our children.

Balawan & Batuan Ethnic Fusion and Ayu Laksmi & Svara Semesta, where Gustu was also playing with, have inspired him with this music genre. However, he does something different, for just playing as a TRIO. Thank you to Ida Bagus Indra Gupta (contrabass) and I Wayan Suastika (first album) and now I Made Subandi (rindik, gamelan, reong), who have contributed with so many ideas for the group and deliver mystical pentatonic pelog scale with jazz as the foundation. The TRIO can also be accompanied with singer and Balinese dancer.

The authenticity of Balinese instruments is sourced from rindik (made of bamboo with 11-13 keyed xylophones tuned to a fairly even tempered scale). Gustu modified his drum set with kelenang-kelenong, tawa-tawa, kendang and ponggang to add the Balinese feel. Where the original Balinese gamelan can have 20 players, this group brings the Balinese jazz-fusion ethnic with minimalist formation. They showcase true Balinese ethnic music fused with modern jazz grooves, with this TRIO formation.

Gustu released a self-titled album, Gustu Brahmanta Trio in 2013. It was produced; recording, mixing and mastering in his own home studio by himself. Inaddition to the folk songs, the Trio also performed Footprints (Wayne Shorter) and St. Thomas (Sonny Rollins) in pentatonic. This album received: (1) 10 BEST OF 2013 ALBUM VERSION TEMPO MAGAZINE, PEOPLE ARTS (2) Nominee Indonesia Music Grace 2014 (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) for two categories; Best Instrumental Jazz Group and Best Jazz Album, (3). Winner Best Instrumental Jazz Group, Best Jazz Album, Best Trio Album in Jazz Goes To Campus 2014.

The music was live at Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2013 and 2014. They were also invited to Malaysia International Performing Arts Village 2014 in Kuala Lumpur. The group receives good reviews from other musicians and jazz community by creating a new wave by mixing Balinese gamelan, percussion, rindik with Jazz melodies.

Please find photos and videos in Gallery. In some videos The TRIO is accompanied by singer and or Balinese dancer.


Ida Bagus Putu Brahmanta

Gustu Brahmanta is the leader of the band. He was born in Kamasan art village, a centre of Balinese traditional arts; paintings and sculptures, situated in Klungkung regency, on the beautiful island of BALI. Music instruments are first introduced by his father, who then recognized his interest and talent in playing drums. Gustu began his first show in a small cafe in Candidasa, a tourist place in Karangasem regency, at the age of fourteen. Then the journey begins.

With no formal music education, Gustu learn drumming autodidact. He seek instruction and guidance from books, the experts, senior musicians, internet and community. He graduated from Electrical Engineering, Udayana University in Bali, as advised by his parents to support small family business of sound system rental, yet he has played in many music venues, stages, festivals and always strived to play from the heart with his best. He plays jazz, ska-jazz, blues, pop, rock, latin, world music, etc. To remain at the forefront of music quality and development, strengthen his music knowledge and wider his circles, he is now continuing to Magister program at Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Bali.


 Ida Bagus Indra Gupta

 Born on August 1983 in Bali, Ida Bagus Indra Gupta spent his most of his childhood and teenage in Jogjakarta, central Java, where he got his preliminary experience in music. He decided to play bass in the year of 2003 and took a serious move for double bass three years later. In addition to hours of lessons with Jogjakarta’s senior double bass teacher, Agung Prasetyo, his environment and musician fellows have also taken parts in the way he’s developed himself as a double bass player, a musician. There he plunged into broad range of music styles from classical, rock, to which he turned himself on, Jazz.

In 2009, he moved to Bali for new experience, where he has the chance to work with Bali’s finest jazz musicians like Koko Harsoe, Erik Sondhy, Joe Rosenberg and many more. In Bali, he adds depth to his musicality after his previous involvement in progresive art rock ‘Anane’ (2005-2007), ‘Kirana’ Big Band (2007-2009), ‘Indonesia Wind Orchestra’ (2007-2009). He has played with Dwiki Dharmawan, Sri Hanuraga, Nita Artsen, David Sills, David Garfield, and performed in huge jazz festival like Java Jazz International Festival and Ubud Village Jazz Festival. He is now teamed up in numerous musical projects and gigging like KARMA trio, Jeko Fauzi Trio, Gustu Brahmanta Trio, to name a few.

 I Made Subandi

I Made Subandi is gamelan composer and performer from Gianyar, Bali. Having studied with his father, drummer and gender wayang player I Made Dig, and at SMKI (’85-’88) and STSI (’89-’93), he teaches at the Indonesian Academy of Performing Arts in Bali. He is well known for his use of experimentation. Tenzer describes Subandi as one of a few composers who, “have achieved a self-conscious and fundamental break with the tabuh kreasi form of the recent past.

Compositions include Bajramusti (1997). He has collaborated with Dutch trio Boi Akih. See: List of music students by teacher: N to Z#Made Subandi.


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Subandi has played around the world; Malaysia, Japan, USA, etc and joined many festivals. He is also playing with Balawan and The Maestro, Ayu Laksmi and Svara Semesta, Gustu Brahmnta Trio, etc.