Beishan Music Festival 2015- Gustu Brahmanta Trio

The 5th Beishan World Music Festival will present 16 live bands from 12 countries at Beishan Theatre on April 18-19.

The marquee lists Malaysian female singer-songwriter Bihzhu, who has won many international awards; Trio Juninho with Canadian, Brazilian and Portuguese performers; Gustu Brahmanta Trio from Indonesia; American Carbe-Durand; Korean Baraji; Ajims from Japan; and others to perform at the Yang Great Ancestral Hall and a ship container structure. Italian musician Boris Savoldelli work with local musicians to bring back Xianshui folk songs during the festival.

Gustu Brahmanta Trio performed at Beishan Music Festival 2015 on Sunday, 19th April 2015. We had a wonderful experience, beautiful place and we made so many new good friends. Hope to return to Beishan, Zhuhai, China soon…couldn’t wait…

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