Beishan Music Festival 2015- Gustu Brahmanta Trio

The 5th Beishan World Music Festival will present 16 live bands from 12 countries at Beishan Theatre on April 18-19. The marquee lists Malaysian female singer-songwriter Bihzhu, who has won many international awards; Trio Juninho with Canadian, Brazilian and Portuguese performers; Gustu Brahmanta Trio from Indonesia; American Carbe-Durand; Korean Baraji; Ajims from Japan; and others […]

Gustu Brahmanta Trio and Quartet Concert (First Album)

The album is mostly inspired by popular Balinese folk songs. GUSTU Brahmanta TRIO/ QUARTET creates jazz folk instrumental with distinctiveness sound of Rindik, the Balinese gamelan made of bamboo tubes. Cut into various lengths, each bamboo provides a different tone and creating a light and gentle sound.

Gustu Brahmanta Trio at Malaysia International Performing Arts Village 2014

It is a honor to perform in Malaysia International Performing Arts Village 2014. Malaysia International Performing Arts Village (MiPAV) 2014 is an international event organised by the National Department for Culture and Arts, Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia on 22–26 November 2014 at Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) Kuala Lumpur in conjunction of Visit Malaysia Year 2014. […]

Gustu Brahmanta Trio’s Profile & Album “Putri Cening Ayu”

#GustuBrahmantaTrio’s First Album “Putri Cening Ayu” There are lots of stories and traditions to share with our children. We preserve our family and cultural heritage in many ways. Music is one of interesting and nice ways to introduce our traditions and cultures that we love and pass that along to our children. Balawan & Batuan […]